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Add bookmarks to this folder to see them displayed on the Bookmarks Toolbar - Benjamin Nitschke's Blog - all your game development needs
flipcode - Development News
USF² Forum - Development
The Game Programming Wiki - Main Page
The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials - Your source for game development - Developer Image Exchange
Arena Wars - Community Site
Der Euro Vernichter
GamePorts.NET - Your Gaming Port On Net
Channel9 Forums
LEO English-German Dictionary
Digitally Imported
StarcraftGamers - With license to expand
naturalborn [S]Killers
Foren der naturalborn [S]Killers - powered by vBulletin


Active Directory
IISFAQ > Home ( DNN 2.1.2 )
Error Codes Dos and Win
Unix Time Stamp . com
Windows Server 2003: Virtual Private Networks
Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights | Beratung und Informationen zu LCD-TFT-Monitoren und LCD-TFT-TV-Fernseher
Port Authority, for Internet Port 21
INFO: Design Issues - Sending Small Data Segments Over TCP w/Winsock
USF² Forum - bug tracker


Jackie Goldstein's Weblog
Tom Miller's Blog
Heading to Meltdown
Robert Hurlbut's .Net Blog
.NET Programmer Thoughts: Visual Studio 2005 Beta (beta)
Edit and Continue in Whidbey...
Random Thoughts - Steve Lacey
Writing A 2D Game In C# With Managed DirectX
Dan Fernandez's Blog
Sriram's WebLog on ASP.NET VB.NET C#
Gamedev: The comic
The Farm: The Tucows Developers' Hangout :: Network Programming
Visual C# Developer Center: Blogs from the C# Team
MikePelton's WebLog
Raymond Lewallen
GentleStorm Development


Sites - all your game development needs
flipcode - Development News - Your source for game development
The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials
CodeRush for Visual Studio - Developer Express - Improving the Developer Experience(tm)
DevX: .NET Zone
C# C Sharp and Tutorials on C#
OpenGL - The Industry Standard for High Performance Graphics

extreme programming

XP Magazine Contents
Extreme Programming
Extreme Programming (XP)

UPX: the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables - Homepage
Boost C++ Libraries
Tokamak Game Physics SDK
NovodeX - game development technology
Magic Software: Source Code


.NET Resources
C# C Sharp and Tutorials on C#
PublicJoe's - C# Links
C# Station - Tutorial, Links, Info - C Sharp
PublicJoe's - C# Snippets
Various code snippets and examples for C sharp
Open Source Software in C#
CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET at ComponentSource
Writing Plugin-Based Applications in .NET
.NET Architecture Center: Chapter 5 - Improving Managed Code Performance
Visual C# .NET Articles
nGallery - a .NET Image Gallery Web Application
Code Profiling for .NET Developers
Visual C# Developer Center: Tools
GotDotNet User Sample: ManagedThreadPool
.NET Framework Code Samples By Namespace Index


DashO - Java Obfuscator / Dotfuscator - .NET Obfuscator


Comega - Home
Home / Mono
IronPython - A fast Python implementation for .NET and Mono
Design Patterns

SourceSafe/Content Management

Perforce Demo for Windows NT/2000/XP
SharePoint Thoughts - Archive
Visual Studio 2005 Team System

SQL | Immerse Yourself In SQL Server
SQL Syntax
Indexing SQL Server Databases

.NET Resources
The Z Buffer - Managed DirectX resources

Game development - Why Pluggable Factories Rock My Multiplayer World
gDEBugger - OpenGL Debugger - Realize your OpenGL potential...

Spirit - Boost.Spirit Home
flipcode - Adding Plug-ins To Your Application

Shader related
3Ddrome - Tutorial - Cg Pixel Shaders in OpenGL
ShaderTech - GPU Programming

3d, math and theory

Tb :: Home :: dT
thoughts on: bumpmap+geom. LOD - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums - Main Index - Powered by PhotoPost


Audio Programming

Audio effects
Feedback Comb Filters
Audio effects algorithms
Harmony Central®: Effects Explained: Flanging
Harmony Central®: Computers and Music: Audio Programming

Webcam Recording

Videoaufnahme mit Delphi programmieren
4i2i: H.261 video CODEC
MPEG4IP - Open Streaming Video and Audio
CodeGuru: Class Wrapper for Video Compression Manager (VCM)
4.2. Video Compression
OpenH323 Project
The Code Project - CAviCap and CFrameGrabber - wrappers for AVICap Window - Audio and Video
The Code Project - Webcam Web Service - C# WebServices
The Code Project - Webcam Web Service - C++ Web Services
The Code Project - Simple decoder/encoder for MNG animations - Audio and Video
The Code Project - A picture based skin system and MPEG decoder - Dialog and Windows
Video Codec
Codecs direct downloads -
LEAD H.263 Video Codec
John McGowan's AVI Overview: Audio and Video Codecs
H.263 Video Coding

IRC project

IceChat :: The Chat Cool IRC People Use.

Nat Punching

TCP Connection Open
TCP State Transitions
Chapter 18. TCP Connection Establishment and Termination


Bunnz Productions
Tao Framework - The Tao Framework: Gaming Development for .NET


The Netron Project: WhatIsNAF

StarCraft Replay Sites

Team Areola - Replay Packs
Broodwar Replay database
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:: Pixelgirl Presents Icons and Desktop Images :: - No Nothing Productions
Almost Smart - o.O


[LinuxBrit] - Gadgets!
HeadRoom | Headphones
Etymotic Research, Inc.
TigerVista Multi-Screen Displays: LCD Multimonitor Multi-Monitor Monitors Multiple LCDs

The Best Page In The Universe.
Poetic Technologies: Aura Desk System


redcoon - Computer
SFX & Music Resources - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums