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Lost Squadron, Day 6: And there were lights.

I completed the landscape rendering class and object loading today and played around with light effects. Directional lights were pretty easy, but very boring for this top-view-camera. So I tried out Point lights and they are nice, but why not test Spot lights? Well, now I know why, they are very hard to maintain. Setting all values properly is not that easy. But I like the effect (you can even rotate the light direction).

Other than that I tried also to implement the ground normal map shader I developed yesterday for the last couple of hours, but I can't get it working. Some mul operation always crashes inside my shader and is very hard to debug. Maybe I need to debug everything with DEBUG_PS and DEBUG_VS. Well, I hope I get that working tomorrow.

Day 6:
A big spot light effect on the landscape. The objects are not final yet and have no effects. But lighting does work well, maybe there is even some time to implement shadow maps later this week. We will see.