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Get ready for October 2005 DirectX SDK

Yeah, finally Microsoft released the first DirectX SDK supporting .NET 2.0 (well, its still very early stuff, most samples are still missing, etc.). Time to debug DirectX in VS2005 finally :)

Download the October 2005 DirectX SDK here.

But beware, according to this and this threads in the boards there are still a lot of problems with the october sdk. For this reason you should maybe leave your august sdk installed.

Another strange thing is that downloading with firefox only gives me 7-8 kB/s, while on the internet explorer I get 25-30 kB/s (still very slow, 200 MB take more than 2 hours).

I will report later or tomorrow if this sdk sucks or not, depending on if I can compile my code or not ^^

Update: As ZMan reports here and here the current DirectX SDK works only with VS2005 Beta2, not with any later version. Another issue is the missing documentation and samples for all that .NET 2.0 stuff, so thats gonna be hard ...

Another update: You will get immediately an FileWasNotFoundException (HRESULT 0x8007007E) in VS2005 RC as soon as you call any DirectX method when using the DirectX 9 October 2005 .NET 2.0 runtimes. I also noticed a lot of changes, even a simple new Device(...) call has changed. Since I rely on VS2005 RC, I won't use the DirectX .NET 2.0 runtime yet (hopefully it works better in december).