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Doxygen rulez!

I was a NDoc User in the past, but the support for .NET 2.0 is very bad and the project isn't updated anymore. There are a couple of hotfixes, but they don't really work with any of my .NET 2.0 projects including Rocket Commander (see here (msdn forums), here (.NET 2.0 fix) and here here (blog bla)).

I tried a couple of other tools, but they either cost too much or they just don't work. Today I tried the new version of Doxygen and yes it is not only capable of analysing .NET 2.0 code, but it produces also very nice outputs in many formats:

  • Plain Html
  • Html with Frames
  • Compressed Html (.chm)
  • LaTeX
  • Man pages (wtf? they are still in use?)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF, word style)
  • Xml

I just took all the Rocket Commander sourcecode and made a html help page, check it out here:

You can generate your own help, as you know the full source code of Rocket Commander is freely available. Doxygen is also open source and a great tool.

Btw: I'm currently using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program, or: A photoshop knock-off). I'm not really happy with many of the choices the developers made (multiple windows always overlapping and losing focus, own stupid save dialog, not many hotkey binding per default), but its free and very powerful. At least it supports a lot more stuff than Paint.NET (where you can't even paint with a soft brush for some reason). So if you are still using Paint or Paint.NET, consider becoming a GIMP user :-)

Doxygen program:

Rocket Commander SourceCode with Doxygen: