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New Pizza Commander finished and Quicksand entertainment goes online

The new Pizza Commander game (check out my old post, Pizza Commander is the first Rocket Commander Mod going commerical) is finished and we also build a website for it, you can check that out at:

The game is quite a lot of fun. There are 15 Missions, some for beginners and some for better players. There are also some screenshots available on the Quicksand website. A demo will also come soon.

Other than that I'm working on updating a couple of my tools (mainly CR_Commenter and AppTrafficMonitor), adding a lot of features and fixing bugs. More on that this weekend.

More announcements of new projects I'm currently involved in are also coming soon.

Also: The new DirectX SDK August 2006 just came out. Check it out.

Quicksand entertainment website:

New Pizza Commander Screenshot: