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Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig Germany - Day 4

Today was the day with the most GC vistors ever I think. After almost 2 hours waiting in the traffic jam generated by the fair, we finally made it onto the GC (good thing our first appointment was not before 12pm).

And this is the look inside this day. Could be 1 or 2 more vistitors than yesterday.

Even between the halls people were sitting, blocking us important developers from reaching our important destinations, etc. yes, we developers are big cry babies.

Nice ATI babes throwing bags into the air. Btw: Shouldn't they be renamed to the AMD babes till next year?

Some more babes preparing something .. or maybe this are just normal woman, but we gamers have no idea what the difference is anymore.

Ahhhhh, a dinosaur .. yesterday Evil Sonic kicked me in the head and now a big dinosaur from ParaWorld wants to eat me. Dangerous worlds.

Looks like Blizzard is now doing colorful jump and runs. Looks at least like it from this distance. This is still WoW, how can Blizzard ever make anything else after canceling StarCraft Ghost?
On the left side you can also see the booth of Autodesk showing 3DS Max 9, which now supports x64 and allows users to create scenes with over 10 mio polygons, which was impossible in 32 bits (it always crashed). This is especially useful for game developers and when importing objects from ZBrush.

And finally some lens flare effects around that Unreal 3 Guy thing (6 meters high or something).

Thats it for the Games Convention this year. This evening we already drove back home because tomorrow the Business Center is closed and we already saw all of the consumer areas.

All in all this was a good fair, some nice discussions and new contacts were made and the consumers had a great time seeing all the great games, erm, Videos of the new games and technologies. Like not seeing the PS3 in action or not seeing Gears of War because it didn't get a USK parental control logo in time ...

Back to work now, have to do some cool XNA stuff now :-)