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Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig Germany - Day 3

It was a lot fuller today at the GC here. But tomorrow (saturday) it will get really crazy.

This is the new big bad boss for World of Warcraft, you need at least 50 players to kill this beast. Okay, maybe this is the wrong game.

More folks than yesterday.

The big EA booth, Command&Conquer 3 and Crysis were the biggest attraction. In the center there was the big circular cinema as always.

And this is Crysis, really! Look closer and you see the screenshots and keyboard help for Crysis. The game itself looks good (improved FarCry engine), but the game play is pretty much the same. And if it crashes on developer machines, you have some command line shit going on (wtf? in which year do these developers live in?)

Some Pro-Gamers at one of the many esports booths. Counterstrike, WarCraft3, StarCraft, Battlefield were still the most played games.

Overclocking the new Intel Core2 Duo with cascadading cooling or whatever, -80 degrees celsius and over 3.7 Ghz .. something like that, they reached 12000 points in 3D Mark 06, that is sick.

Ahh some babes. But what are these guys selling? BitDefender? Okay, time to look at the babes again ...

Driving in one of these things with a wheel, 3 monitors and a mechanical chair that moves in every direction might be cool, but buying a real car is way cheaper, isn't it?

Sonic is pointing at something. Whats going on here?

Ohh no, the evil sonic is hitting me. That doesn't look good for me. He is much bigger than me and I don't have any coins left .. Arg - game over ..

More pics about saturday will come tomorrow.