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Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig Germany - Day 1

I will post a couple of screenshots from the GC 2006 here in Germany Leipzig each day. We are here since yesterday, but internet wasn't working yesterday. This post is about yesterday. I will post new screenshots about today later. As you will see the first day only press, developers and publishers guys are running around, but at the second day a lot of games, young people will up the halls and in the next days this will get a lot crazier.

Ok, this is the buisness area of the Games Convention, we are at the booth F60.

On our way to the Games Convention. Can you detect the hidden exDream logo in this picture?

This is our booth in Hall 2, F 60. We got a booth together with some other developers, but this year we don't have a Northstar developer booth.

This is the new porsche car everyone wants to have. Or was this some car from Need for Speed? Maybe not ...

My 2 colleages Leif and Boje inside our booth. You can see our new exDream banner in the background.

You can also play our newest game Pizza Commander directly in Hall 2 at the Novitas booth. Boje shows us how to master the first mission ^^
The Microsoft Student Booth (also in Hall 2) does also present Rocket Commander and there are a couple of guys playing around with the source code. Check it out if you are in Hall 2.

For girls there are pony games, but similar to this booth at most smaller booths there was not a lot going on this day. Today a lot more people will populate this fair. No way getting fast from point a to b.

Ok, that are the pics from yesterday. More pics about today will come soon. And as always much better pics (not taken with my crappy cell phone camera) will be released next week on

In case you want to watch some funny littel videos, check out these Drink Milk videos: