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Seattle Day 0

I arrived in Seattle :) But that was a long journey, it took over 15 hours and in Seattle it was just 3pm when I arrived. At least I got some sleep in the plane.

I made some photos, but the quality is not very good. Next time I should use a better camera than the one in my cell.

This is the ceiling at Hannover Airport. I was very tired and watched it for quite a while. Has a pretty good shadow mapping algorithm if you ask me. Maybe they use already Direct3D 10 and render into cubemaps :-) Btw: I am excited about the new NVidia Geforce 8800 GPUs, will check them out next week when I am back.

The second security control I had go through, in total it were at least 7 controlls and a lot of time waiting between them at every airport.

Guess what, waiting again. This time in Amsterdam. It was not even a security check, just the passport control checkpoint. The people of Holland speak a really funny language, at least it was fun to listen to it while being in Amsterdam. With knowledge of English and German it is possible to guess most words and unterstanding at least what the people are talking about.

After sleeping a while in the plane and watching the shitty movie "My super ex girlfriend" (wft, it was boring, unfunny and not exciting at all), I watched outside the window for a bit. We had almost reached seattle. I guess this is already the Washington state, some islands and a lot of water, looks nice from above. A few minutes later, everything was foggy again.

And finally after ariving and going through a bunch much security checks and questions I took this photo at the first bargage drop point. Well, I was not really supposed to take photos here as you can see on the warning signs there, I guess this is a top secret area .. whatever ..

After ariving at my hotel I checked out Seattle and walked around for a while searching for power adapter for my laptop (I knew I forgot something home). Well, not fun without a car .. I found a grocery store, but neither they nor my hotel had an adapter. Well, the laptop sucks anyway, XNA does not work because for some reason it cannot use any pixel or vertex shaders. NVidia says that the Geforce 4 Go fully supports DirectX 8, which would include ps1.1 and vs1.1, but I guess there is something missing.

Anyway, after I have now almost depleted both my laptop batteries. I just made one last photo and quickly wrote this post. Here is a view from my hotel room to the Seattle Space Needle Tower at night. With a less crappy camera this would look nice, hehe.

See ya tomorrow.