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Seattle Day 3 - XNA Presentations and Meeting ZMan and Jason Olson

Well, Day 3 was very interesting. There are still a couple of things I could tweak in my code. I talked with a lot of guys today, had lunch with Mitch Walker, then talked to a couple of guys and girls. In the afternoon the XNA Team did a little presentation of all their internal games they did. It is pretty amazing and coming from the outside you would never think that they do so much cool stuff there. Where do they even get the time to develop their own games beside their job.

I'm not sure if these games get ever released, I guess most of them will not be in the final XNA Studio Express version coming out next month. Instead they will probably published on several blogs, MSDN, Coding4Fun and sites like that.

My little stater kit XNA Racer is now almost complete, I fixed all graphic issues this week and it runs now at a very good frame rate on the Xbox 360. Little fine tuning and I'm done. More on that in the next weeks.

My cell phone went dead and I forgot to get my Usb cable to work today. Sorry, no photos today, I just saw a lot people today and I guess most of them are glad I couldn't take any pictures. Tomorrow I will be a tourist and check out Seattle a little bit more and make more photos. There are some interesting attractions here.

In the evening I meet with Andy Dunn (ZMan) and Jason Olson (Managed World blog) and had something to eat in a nice traditional diner (Ruby's diner, seems popular here, never heard of it). We talked a lot about XNA, Microsoft, DirectX and everything on our mind. It was very nice meeting up with Andy again (we meet at the PDC before) and it was a pleasure to meet Jason it person.

There was a lot more going on today, but I'm way too tired right now to remember anything more .. and its also kinda boring not posting any pics ^^