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German developer price: Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2006 - Pics

Yesterday was the german developer price 2006 event (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2006) in Essen (Germany).

The Lichtburg (light castle) in Essen.

Miriam Pielhau (known from german TV, well at least if you watch german TV, I don't) moderated the event together with the usual hosts (Aruba, politicians, other guys from the german game developer scene).

Martin Kesici (Sat1, Superstars star or something, never saw him before either) did make some music in a short break. Was neither great nor bad.

After about 10 prices were given to the developers almost 2 hours have passed and the rest of the 30 prices had to be given out. In a IMO unprofessional manner everyone just had to come on the stage and get his price. In a matter of minutes the rest of the prices were given out.

Then everyone left to the after-show party with more food, drinks and some games.

And Pong (actually it is called Plong) on the Xbox 360. It really shows how to use the GPU correctly and have all 3 cores at full CPU load. The game looks actually a lot worse, my bad camera just made it more beautiful because I always have a blur, glow and motion blur effect on all my pics :)

Some angle girls dancing around. Reminded me of the song: Rammstein - Engel

And finally a little in-house fireworks show at the end. Always fun to watch.

All in all it was a nice and enjoyful event and it was nice to meet all the usual faces again. If you want more photos check out: