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Welcome to my new blog

Well, I was posting less and less on this blog and this gonna change now. From now on I will try to post often, maybe even daily. The blog posts will not be as long as before, I will just talk about whats on my mind each day. Initially this blog was started as a little diary for me and I will return to that initial idea.

As you can see I've updated my blog, added a couple of features and changed some pictures and styles. At the top you see a little collage of current game projects I'm working on. Most graphics are from Arena Wars Reloaded and the XNA Racing Game. I hope you like the overall design :-)

I will talk more about my current projects (see right side) in the next couple of posts and catch up with a couple of topics I have on my mind but not blogged about yet (FxCop stuff, CgFX, using Collada in XNA, etc.).