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Seattle - MVP Summit 2009 - Day 2 - Having fun in Seattle

The weather on day 2 (Saturday) was a little bit less sunny, some clouds in the sky, but it did not rain until late in the evening.

From my hotel I could see all the construction going on in Seattle downtown.

It seems like the Seattle Space Needle got some satellite dishes upgrades overnight.

I walked around a little in the Seattle Center park, but most interesting stuff did not start until later, so I decided to head to downtown.

So, back in the Monorail for a quick trip to Seattle downtown. That guy on the right was looking at some tourist brochure for a long time and he hold it kinda strange. Like there was a naked girl in there after expanding the brochure.

Last time in Seattle I only took a quick peek at the Seattle Library. I decided to take a closer look this time, maybe read some books and check out the view from the top of the building (it is like 10 stories high). The building looks really cool from both the inside and the outside.

Even inside everything looks huge.

And the view from the top is also nice. But enough looking through the windows. Time to check out some books. I tried to search stuff via the website (free Wifi rules), but the system is kinda complex and it took me a while to figure out where the book is located that I searched for.

In the early afternoon I checked out another cinema I was not before. As you can see I was prepared for the movie ^^

The movie was called The International, and it was ok, a little long, but quite fun to watch with a lot of cool action scenes in the middle. The cinema was located halfway between both Monorail stations, so I went back to the hotel by foot.

Who would have imagined, they have American food here ^^

In the evening I went to another movie at the IMAX of the Pacific Science Center at the Seattle Center park, this time The Dark Knight. The movie did not make much sense, but I never liked any batman movie for that. However it was fun to watch and had a lot of cool effects and action scenes.

All that walking around and movie watching was quite exhausting and I was glad to go back to the hotel and relax for the rest of the day, reading emails and website updates. More tomorrow from the first day of the MVP Summit (keynote and stuff).