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Windows 7 Versions

I have been using Windows 7 on and off for about a month now on my laptop. Most things work fine, but some tools like Daemon Tools, some newer games and some drivers (like my printer driver) do not work at all, which was kinda annoying. I also had a lot of crashes with certain software like Word 2007 for some strange reason and there was that annoying .mp3 bug in the early beta (first week of January), but that was fixed a week later. Other than that Windows 7 is pretty great, I especially like the new Task Bar, which combines the quick launch bar and the task bar (running programs) and makes everything more compact. On Vista I still use the RocketDock bar because I find it more useful than the quick launch bar and it is nicely customizable. Another good thing about Windows 7 is the immensly improved start-up performance and the amount of disk space it needs (around 10GB instead of 17GB for Vista), it has also cleaner UI and some better helpers to configure stuff. Most stuff did work right out of the box (most games, Visual Studio and normal everyday programs).

Well, I'm still using Vista at home and at work and I have to wait until more stuff works on Windows 7 before I will do the switch. But I suspect that most people will stay with XP for a long time.

For a little fun check out the upcoming Windows 7 Editions (found at