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[MobileBits Blog] Today we visited Exit Games

[Copied from where I also blog right now (about iPhone Development):]

Hi Internet,

I will post everything in English and I will also mirror all my entries on my personal blog at The other guys can still post their stuff in German if they want (but that would be strange, most of the world not understanding whats going on here ^^).

Whatever. As Karsten just blogged yesterday, we founded this new company and we are working on some cool iPhone games. Hopefully everyone will introduce himself here soon. Currently we are still at the concept phase, but as soon as we have something concrete, be sure I will spill it out and everyone will punch me for it. We will not only show here the iPhone games we are working on, but also involve everyone in the process of creating iPhone games from the perspective of professional game developers, who usually work in Windows and .NET plus some neat tricks and great engines.

BTW, while we are at the topic of great engines: Today we visited the Exit Games guys in Hamburg, which do middleware for multiplayer games, including support for the iPhone SDK. This sounded interesting for us because we just started with all this iPhone doodeling and they wanted to meet with us too, so it was a pretty nice and relaxing meeting with a lot of information flying back and forth.

In the meantime if you are bored, check out this great looking golf game (flash based), which the Exit Games guys are involved with too (has nothing to do with the iPhone, but who cares?):