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New website is now online!


Well, after working on this thing for a week on and off (so many other things going on, more about that in the future), here is our new website for exDream GmbH. As you probably noticed right away, the startpage is basically my old blog from or Now it is all here and everyone at our company can blog here (lets just hope someone actually gets over himself and really starts writing some stuff). I will also merge some other blog stuff into here soon (e.g. the MobileBits blog).


While the Games and Gallery sites are still work in progress (they will be up and running till the end of this week however), you can visit our Forum and finally talk back. We had an exDream Forum back in 2000, then the Forum in 2004, but we never invested much time or effort into them, especially not if the Forum was over at some other website. Now we host everything ourself and the whole team is involved. Everyone can blog, we all got Forum Accounts and the chances if you ask us something are now much higher that there will be someone reading and answering it :)


But please keep in mind that the site is still a work in progress and you can still find issues, which are trying to fix right now (for example the forum registration is retarded right now, it expects you to have a mega-secure password, which most people are not willing to remember ^^ this will change soon so you can have your abcdef passwords again, lol).


Since not only this site, but also the blog looks a lot different, you might have noticed that this is not longer done with the dasBlog project, but instead we are using BlogEngine.NET now and some other cool projects like YAF (YetAnotherForum.NET) for the Forum. I will blog about the conversion process soon, there are lots of interesting tricks to learn.