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New Progress / Unlock System coming up - beware of character reset!

If all goes well we will upload the next version of SoulCraft this thursday night (European time) and this update will include an all new progress / unlock system. With each gained character level you will unlock new things like new enemies, spells etc.

The new version will also feature an improved inventory & shop which will allow you to buy exactly the spell you want - you no longer have to rely on the "random" shop to get you the stuff you want! So lots of exciting features coming up which we will write in greater detail about very soon.

However this extensive updates makes it necessary to reset all characters. Your accounts will continue to work but you will have to create a new character. SoulCraft is currently in beta after all and we really would love you to test the new progress system. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Of course you will get back all the gold you have bought so far - so nothing is lost here!

Happy testing and thanks for your feedback!