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Time to blog again!

In the last few years I was still writing a lot of code, documentation, wiki and forum posts (mostly for the Delta Engine), but I did not really blog much. The idea was to migrate my blog into the exdream company and give everyone at exdream access to write blog posts.

This failed on two levels:

  • People that are afraid to blog or just don't like to post their thoughts, won't do it anyways if you force it on them. Even kindly asking won't help, they have to want it for themselves (and I guess I have been very unlucky and all the guys I met that actually blogged did not end up at exdream)
  • Even worse I did not want to write anything myself anymore because the blog became the official "news channel" for exdream. Which is great for them, but it is not really a blog anymore.
Because things are starting to heat up with the new Delta Engine company I decided to restart this good old blog again. It has been going strong for 8 years and got almost 500 blog posts. All that information is still available and I will try to blog weekly or monthly about Delta Engine development and what we are up to. This will also keep the wiki, forum and website itself clean from any announcements, which will just happen here, on twitter (short status updates) and facebook (probably just aggregated).