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Game Tool Gems Book is out

The Game Tools Gems book is finally out! We (Kirsten and me from Delta Engine) wrote Chapter 3: 3D Format Conversion (FBX, Collada)

It was mostly written early in 2012, but it took a while until all chapters were done and our Editor Paula Berinstein did a superb job of keeping it running. Early in 2012 Kirsten and me only had time to build a simple game in one week and write the whole chapter in the next week while also still working on the Delta Engine. Later in 2012 we had no time anymore to improve anything, but it seems we did a good job and not much had to be edited (as opposed to my first book Professional XNA Game Programming, which is now way outdated and needed lots of editing as I was not used to writing back in 2006).

We hope it will be useful, it has many interesting chapters and while it is a niche product there is a lot of value in there. I have read most chapters and they ideas are great as usual with "Gems' books.

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Amazon (paperback or Kindle):
It is probably a bit expensive right now, but we hope it gets some rebates and deals soon.

We also have bought tons of books in the office recently (we probably have several hundred books already, especially ebooks are so easy to buy, but we also have tons of paper books). Maybe we should do a book review section :D