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Let's JAM!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, Delta Engine is going to organize its first Game Jam! 




The event will start at Thursday, Feb 7, 2013, 12:00 (CET) and take place at Delta Engine headquarters in Hanover.

Everyone is allowed to participate and to invite other jammers! Since there are not many workplaces left, we ask you to reserve your position; otherwise, anyone will be able to join from remote!

We will provide food (Pizza and other unhealthy stuff) and drinks at the office, so we suggest you to come! 

There are basically no rules, you can use whatever software or engine you like and you can make up teams or work alone or not participate at all (which would be very sad). We obviously recommend the Milestone 2 of the Delta Engine, which is good for little 2D games, but if you want to use some other engine or editors, feel free. 

Oh, before I forget, there will be a theme each game will need to follow: DEATH! So, start thinking about it!

On Friday at 16:00 all teams can present their work and ideas (in whatever state they and their games might be in) and than we will have some beer and meet and discuss our ideas.

If you want to read more about game jams see: 


We hope to see you here!