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Making Games Talents Hamburg Pics

Here are some pictures from the Making Games Talents event in Hamburg from last Saturday (November 3rd, 2012). This is me talking about the Delta Engine company and which people we are searching for:

This is where all the talks happened:

One of our VCs was also presenting itself (iVentureCapital, presented by Sandra Fisher). Didn't know that we were so special :D

Girls visiting our programmer booth? wtf? No one is going to believe this back home. They even wanted a job and had some nice art to show.

One major point of almost all companies was that they don't want to hire assholes or jerks. Gunnar Lott of flaregames was funny as hell in his usual form and was also making fun of browser companies all day.

Here you can see the HR head of Good Games (and behind him the HR head of Innogames, but only her behind is visible ^^). Then Marius Follert from Farbflut (known for Pennergame) and finally Gunnar Lott, myself and another startup in Hamburg Threaks (not on this pic).

Our audience got a little thin in the evening.

And last but not least this is Heiko Klinge from Making Games/GameStar/etc., the man behind this event: