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ZombieHockey on iPad, Android Tablet, WP 7, iPhone, iPod, Android & PC

Since I am presenting our Delta Engine here at the Tech-Ed Europe all day with our current free example game ZombieHockey, I thought why not blog about what I am showing here (excluding the iPhone which I needed to take the picture below ^^). We just were released on the WP7 Marketplace, you can download the Windows PC version and the iPod/iPhone/iPod version is coming this or next week.

Please note that the game itself (ZombieHockey) was written only once and has zero knowledge of the platforms it is supposed to run on. It is fully written in C# in Windows (only using VS2010) and utilizes our Delta Engine, which handles all the abstraction, content conversion, building and all features required for 2D and 3D games. It also runs at the maximum framerate on all platforms (using their native maximum resolution) and often only needs a fraction of the CPU and GPU power (iPad: 60fps, 80-90% utilization, iPhone: 60fps, 40% utilization, WP7: 30fps (limited by XNA), 25% utilization, Windows 7: 4000-5000 fps (with my home PC, on my netbook I have maybe 500fps still), Android: 60fps, depends on the device GPU however).

The Android version works, but since we are based on MonoDroid there, we cannot go live yet (MonoDroid is still in preview, but works great for us so far), but it will be available as soon as MonoDroid goes into beta and go-live is allowed :)