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New blog for Strict language development

This good old blog was a lot of fun from 2004 till 2016, but it is pretty much dead now and I never found time to continue talking about Game Development in recent years,
which is mostly because our company just didn't much game development work anymore.
All paid work for the past 5 years has been outside of creating games (aside from one mobile game app exception), we still did improve the Delta Engine, participated in Game Jams,
I taught game programming for multiple years for Games Acadamy and the local Bib institute, worked on our Towers RTS game and stayed connected in the space. However, game
development was only possible in free time and paid work was always more important to keep the company and employees alive.
Now we are doing much better with 10 employees at Delta Engine atm and our AI and Robotics work is getting off the road and use cases are in sight, however, no employee I
currently have is a game developer atm (including me). Life goes on, work is more demanding with all the new employees, family takes up time as well, but otherwise I still have the
same hobbies and interests: playing cool games, still liking StarCraft, still coding in C#, still interested in Game Development, its just not my day job atm (we are still kinda a Game
Engine company, but our current project has not much do to with gaming except for the visualization part, let's say Delta Engine is not just games, but also AI and Robotics Engine now).
If you are interested in my crazy idea how to create a programming language that machines can understand and write themselves, head over to