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This blog has almost 500 posts. I moved from DasBlog to in 2009. While the spam comment count was low enough in 2009, it now has reached an absurd number of 41000 spam comments. Keep in mind this is in spite of removing spam comments in recent posts all the time and adding different mechanisms (captcha, approving comments). In 2009 I wrote a little console program that removed most spam comments while migrating to from DasBlog, but it was not very good and it just killed most of the comments.

Instead of removing all comments this time I decided to write a little tool that removes all spam comments automatically. To be honest not many comments were written for the posts of in 2009-2012, but they are still useful. I started with a little console app I wrote in a few hours while trying out some new lambda tricks and doing TDD (tests first, then production code). Today I added some Gui and refactored a lot and made sure 100% of the code is covered with tests (except for UI code).

The result is called: BlogEngineSpamCommentRemover, you can download the executable here or the source code at:


You can also start it as an console application (which was how I started and did all the unit tests first):


About the code: As you can see from the screenshots the program is simple, but not trivial. It does a lot of string compares, has a huge list of words and nice spam comment phrases (see below) and does contact a webservice to check if a comment contains spam or not. It also features a console application, a Gui version using WPF and unit tests covering 100% of the code (except UI code of course). It still is under 300 lines of code (about 800 if you count comments and empty lines):

I tried to follow our new Delta Engine Coding Style, which is based on Clean Code by Uncle Bob. Some things might not be perfect yet, but every time I look through the code more and more refactoring is applied. I worked pretty much all day on this and now enough fine-tuning has been done, but if I (or anyone) decide to extend or modify the program, more refactoring will happen.

To reach 100% coverage loading blog post files with comments had to be loaded and the spam comment checker webservice needed to be contacted. This is obviously slow so I tried out some mocking frameworks and different test frameworks, but got back to just NUnit and testing everything with NCrunch. In some other research projects from this week I used Moq, but it was not required in the end for this project. Moq can't handle static methods, so I tried out the Fakes framework (part of VS11 quality testing tools, was previously Moles) and TypeMock, but both are way overpowered and they did not make the code simpler. Executing all tests with Resharpers test runner takes about 100ms, but I excluded all file and webservice tests. For NCrunch nothing was excluded and a full re-run takes about a second, which is totally fine. I am not sure how this would affect big solutions with multiple projects. Unit testing should obviously be as quick as possible, but as long as it is under one second and done in the background anyway I see no need to improve unit testing performance even more.

Finally here is the list of some comment spam comment nice words, which already catches most of the spam posts after removing unapproved ones and ones with obvious spam words or domains:

public static List<string> NiceSpamComments = new List<string>(new[]
	"this is good information",
	"interesting read, thanks",
	"i have learned a lot from your blog",
	"i used to love reading your blog",
	"you're such an inspiration",
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	"know yourself and you will win all battles.",
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Hopefully this project is useful for anyone stumbling upon it and helps removing spam comments.