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CR_Commenter v1.7 Update

I've updated my CR_Commenter Visual Studio plugin for CodeRush a little. Click here for full details about this plugin.

Basically regions and parameters were improved a lot and some minor fixes were done. Little shoutout to Judge Rico for testing and comments. Here are the full details for CR_Commenter Version 1.7:
  • New feature: Generating comments will not longer expand any collapsed regions, at whichever file position we are. This means if you generate comments for a whole file, all collapsed regions will be collapsed again after everything was modified.
  • New feature: Autosorting feature for using directives, also fixed couple of using issues.
    • Example:
    • using abc;
    • using xc;
    • using Honk = xc.Honk;
    • using bbb;
    • becomes:
    • #region Using directives
    • using abc;
    • using bbb;
    • using xc;
    • using Honk = xc.Honk;
    • #endregion
  • New feature: Parameter comment generating works now always, no matter if you add or remove parameters. This is a quite useful feature, even refactoring parameters is supported (moving, removing, adding stuff).
  • Bugfix: Long comment lines got now properly cut off (doesn't go over 80 anymore)
  • Bugfix: Fixed autogenerating header when user modified or shortened it
  • Improved hotkeys a little:
    • Ctrl+1: Does perform the same action as closing a block with '}', but can be used anywhere inside a method or class.
    • Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+.: Adds a namespace for the current word at the cursor. Used to support automatically adding a namespace in C# 3.0
    • Ctrl+3: Autogenerate region around the current block (method, property, constructor, etc.), for selections use Ctrl+R.
    • Ctrl+4: Toggle collapsing and expanding current selection.
    • Ctrl+5: Toggle collapsing and expanding everything at top level (also supports sub regions).
    • Ctrl+6 or Ctrl+F9: Update all comments and xml blocks for the whole file.

The only thing on my wishlist still missing from CR_Commenter is automatically generating all regions for a file at once (fields, properties, constructors, methods, etc.). This will be quite a lot of work to implement and test it, maybe this feature comes in v1.8. Some tools require constant attention and you can always pump new ideas in it. Other tools like NormalMapCompressor never need a update except some bugfixes ^^

Here are the download links:

Click here to download v1.7
And here is the sourcecode for CR_Commenter v1.7

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