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ZombieHockey now available on Windows Phone 7 for free

After a long and painful approval process (lets just say the process gets better every day, and the process is still 10 times faster than Apples ^^) we are finally in the WP7 Marketplace. You can find ZombieHockey if you go in the new category, or just search for it :)

Please remember that this is just a demonstration game for the current state of our ZombieParty (the full version of ZombieHockey) is an iPad Party/Family game, we just brought it to all the other platforms (Windows, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Window Phone 7, Android, etc.) to show off our engine capabilities. You can of course also just download and play ZombieHockey for free on your Windows PC (iPhone, iPad and Android are also coming soon, they just have to be approved).

We have more exciting things in the works, by January we will have a nice 3D tech-demo working showing our SoulCraft game. Stay tuned!

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