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GamesCom 2015 Pictures

The GamesCom 2015 was all about FreeToPlay and Moba games, just like in 2014. But there also was a huge VR (Virtual Reality) impact all over the convention. Seems like everyone is building VR devices and looking for content. There are still only very few actual games playable on VR helms. Everyone of course had some useless one-time demos we have all kind of seen before ^^

We also noticed a lot of crafting games, both indie and bigger, with the same old formula. Mindcraft and Mario World Builder also focused on user created content. And there were a lot of games announced and new iterations from the same old big titles we have all played already. Not much innovation there and I can't really see much difference anymore from year to year, but these titles sell .. Overall a fun day of exploring whats going on plus seeing some old friends again and meeting with new potential partners.

It was nice weather all day, actually pretty hot in the morning already. Luckily there were a lot of free drinks given out everywhere.