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Zombie Quest - A new free 2D Adventure

Last weekend I was on a little conference in Fulda, which turned into lan session in the evening (Prometheus). It was fun and we (orgas and me) decided to do a little fast coding contest. The idea was to create a text adventure in a couple of hours. While the contestents were working I was a little bored so I created my own adventure in just a couple of hours ;-)

I improved it a little the last 2 days (just added some graphics and sounds) and now I got a very cool adventure, which is fun to play I think. I hope you like it too. I also included the full source code. The whole game is based on the Rocket Commander Engine and shows you how easy it is (2000 lines of code) to create a fullblown 2D-Adventure with many cool effects.

Good luck in your adventure beating the evil zombies!

Download links:

Zombie Quest main menu:

Nice graphics in Zombie Quest:

Beware of the mall: